About 3D RAGS

It's been said that dreams are our road maps to the future. If so, where are we headed?

It is our purpose to discover the future and to share this new experience with you....

3D RAGS (3D Rendering, Animation & Graphics Studio) is an animation, design and game developing studio, owned and run by a dedicated group of young, talented and focused professionals. We at all times strive to deliver quality products and to provide exceptional service. We use and develop innovative techniques to create realistic experiences for our audience.

3D RAGS provides a range of services committed to cutting-edge 2D and 3D animation technology, computer game development, multi-media development, website development and print design.

We specialize in business and product presentations, web site and multimedia development, 2D Flash animation, 3D animation, film and video production, layout and print design. We also specialize in creating title design, typography, graphics, animation and animatics. Our other field of expertise is computer game development. 3D RAGS also has the capability to scan and manipulate static images.
3D RAGS develops presentations on CD-ROM and DVD that will leave a lasting impression with your clients. These presentations contain interactive menus, video, graphics, images or whatever your creative mind can conjure.

the people at 3D RAGS are talented and we believe that our clients benefit greatly when we work closely together. The skills and technology owned by 3D RAGS makes no job too small or too big, no technology too complicated or too simple!