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Games @ 3D RAGS

Apart from the fact that PC and Online based Games and their development has become a Multi Billion Dollar industry, companies have grown to realize that support from the game development community, has become crucial to the success of their products, hence the birth of Promotional Games.

Game development is a relatively new industry, apart from the blockbuster multi-million dollar retail games, recently we saw the birth of promotional games and has since developed into an industry of its own.

It is within this Promotional based games industry that 3D RAGS enters the market.

3D RAGS develop the following 2D @ 3D gaming components:

  • Visualization @ concept design.
  • Character development.
  • Character modeling.
  • Character texturing.
  • Character rigging.
  • Character animation.
  • World creation.
  • Game play conceptualization.
  • 3D RAGS developed a 2D cricket game for SARS in 2007 during the cricket world cup in Jamaica, as well as a promotional 3D online game for a wireless cell phone company.