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Animation @ 3D RAGS

With a highly talented team of animators we produce Flash-based 2D animation and 3D animation.

Bring your marketing communication to life through customized animation. Our expert animators use state-of-the-art design tools to make your image jump off the page or out of the screen. When you need simple 2D animation for your website or complex 3D modeling and imaging for video or TV, rely on our graphic visionaries to bring life to your message.

The exciting and powerful technology of 3D animation is used today in most visual communication from a flying logo through a 3D animated character. At 3D RAGS we are quite excited about this technology and have equipped ourselves with the infrastructure and skills required to develop high quality 3D animation and special effects based on your requirements for television, film, video, multimedia and web.

3D RAGS develops the following in the 2D and 3D environment:

  • Character development & animation
  • Corporate mascots
  • Introduction movies of computer games, software & corporate presentations.
  • 2D animations.
  • 2D game development & content creation.
  • 3D animations.
  • 3D game development & content creation.
  • Product modelling and animation.
  • Compositing of Special Effects for videos and films.
  • Architectural images and walk-throughs.
  • Architectural lighting solutions.
  • Engineering modelling & animation.
  • Logo and title animation.
  • Show packaging.